Students' Writing

Acrostic poem (Kiyo Ho)

In the park_Mok Nga Yau
J1 Faith

Acrostic Poem_Caitlin Lo

Design a new campus_Hilary Tai
J1 Honesty

The toys_ Irvin Lee

Wearing funny clothes_Chan Yi Ching_New
J1 Hope

Acrostic poem_Carrie Li

In the park_Salome Mak
J1 Love

I am (a poem)_Wong Yu Hin Jamie_J2 Faith

My Robosnake_Wong Yau Ming Daniel_J2 Faith
J2 Faith

Writing 5-Hailey Lee (2D22)

Writing-Zoe Lo (2D27)
J2 Honesty

A Poem _ Louis

A story_Genesee Ng
J2 Hope

I am Poem (Aidan)

My Robo toy (Felix)
J2 Love

Poem-Cinquain (by Evelyn Leung Lok Chi)

Writin-A day at the beach (by Lucas Lo)
J3 Faith

3D09_Kung Wing Yan_Cinquain-Mouse

Writing-Jack and Tom got lost
J3 Honesty


Naughty Jude
J3 Hope

Cinquain_Nathan Li

Philippa Lam_Ben's sister birthday
J3 Love


My favourite place in Hong Kong
J4 Faith

Diamante (2021 4 Honesty)

Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School
J4 Honesty

4 Hope_William Kwok_ diamante

Cheng Wing Lam_A letter
J4 Hope

4C06_Vicky Chu_My resolution

J4 Love

Poem_When I grow up (Tse Michele)

Super Transport in Cyber City (Alice Wang)
J5 Faith

My dream job (Tiffany Poon)

My dream jobs poem (Johanna Yeung)
J5 Honesty

My dream job (Angie Chan)

My dream jobs poem (Evan Leung)
J5 Hope

5C24_Yau Ka Man (Poem)_01

Ng Yuet Hang (My funny invention)
J5 Love

Haiku (Jessie Wong)

My most unforgettable experience (Tam Tsz Ching Madalyn)
J6 Faith

Writing 2-Adrian Chow

Writing 8-Andrea Wong (6D)
J6 Honesty

Angela_my unforgettable experience

Haiku - Willie
J6 Hope

A letter to humans (Jeffrey Wen)

Haiku_Alex Yiu
J6 Love